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The Renegades is gaming community playing a range of games with a focus on ArmA milsim with fun and emersion in to game play.
 tR| Rebel

Clan Member (Founder & CO)

tR| Silvit

Clan Member (CPL, Mission Builder)

tR| NightWatcher

Clan Member (REG)

tR| T__K

Clan Member (2IC, Mission Builder)

tR| Gipa

Clan Member (REG)

tR| DemonHeart

Clan Member (REG)

tR| Josh_Nz

(NCO, Clan Lead Server Admin)

tR| Sfug

Clan Member (REG)

tR| Maltstar

Clan Member (GRT)

Reservist Members

tR| DeathsAngel

Clan Member (REG)

tR| Pooklet

Clan Member (GRT)

tR| IndecentRaptor

Clan Member (GRT)

Clan Pet

tR| Pup

Clan Pet (GRRR)