tR| Recruitment Process

Requirements of recruitment:
- Aged: 16+
- Have Teamspeak and Mic and be actively seen
- Have Steam Account
- Have Arma 3 plus Apex (Other DLCs are preferable but not required)
- Be actively seen
- Speak English
 Step 1: Complete Recruitment Application & be active on our Team speak and game servers.
Step 2: 15min Interview
We will then have a chat with you to determine if you are a fit member for tR|,
and also to answer any questions you may have.
Step 3: Application Successful = Trial Member status
At the end of the Interview we will inform you if your application is successful or not.
Then you will enter a 6 week Probation Period as a trial member.
The Probation Period is in place to give you as a player a chance to see if you like it here 
and also for the community to see if they think you fit here.
By the end of the Probation Period you will be required to have met the following.
-Joined the Renegades steam group and subscribed to discussions, 
-Have joined our Gametracker, & any other groups we may require. - Have shown that you are a commited, respectful, team player etc. - Have attended community events frequently through out the time period. - Have shown that you are fluent in english. - Have shown you are putting The Renegades first over any other group/clan/unit.
Step 4: Full Membership or not At the end of the 6 weeks the Admins will have a meeting and will contact you in regards of a successful Full Membership or not.
Requirements of Members Tags All members full or trial are required to wear there tags at all times on Team speak and in game. Trial Member Tags: tR|t| Name Full Member Tags: tR| Name Respect: All Members are to be respectful to everyone, whether in-game or on the steam forums. We believe that Everyone deserves respect, the use of profanities directed at any individual in a disrespectful manner is not permitted within our game servers, steam forums or public TS3 channels. We promote a healthy community. Respect also includes playing fairly, with no teabagging, teamkilling, spawnkilling or calling people names. Cheating: We do not allow or support individuals who take advantage of glitchs, hacks or cheats in any form in game. If you are suspected of breaking this rule, an extensive review of evidence will be completed, and if you are found guilty, you will be banned from our community and servers with public shaming. Advertising: All members are not to advertise/recruit on other servers. We do not advertise on servers apart from our own, and we ask all clans/communities to do the same. If you wish to advertise about upcoming events (competitions, matches, etc) please do so on our steam forum in the designated section. We, as a clan/community, support inter-clan cooperation such as encouraging friendly competition and partnerships with other clans/communities. Activity: All members are required to remain present at least once a week in game and be able to check the steam forums, groups and be on teamspeak a few times a week. After one month of inactivity with out notice a member will be droped into a inactive status, then after a further 3 months of inactivity the member will be dropped completely from the group. If you are not available for an event let an admin know or if you are going away make a post on the forums. Reservists: Reservist role is available after 3 months of membership. Reservists are required to have game participation in either private community missions or public community gaming nights once a month. Contribution: All members are required to contribute to the communities growth and development at the very least by providing input and opinions on community issues. *Members agree to abide by this Code of Conduct when submitting their recruitment application.*