Here is an explanation of our ranking system


  • Probationary player undergoing trial

  • Plays non leadership roles only

  • No other tasks or out of game requirements

Grunt (GRT)

  • Player

  • Members looking to play non leadership roles

  • Non-member affiliated or playing with another group

  • No other tasks or out of game requirements

Regular (REG)

  • Regular Player who shows involvement & contribution

  • Members looking to lead at the lowest levels in game (FTL’s)

  • Have options to play lowest specialist role.

  • Co-pilots/crew-chiefs & door gunners

  • Ammo bearer role in MMG/MAT/HAT teams

  • Squad/team Medic

 Specialist (SPC)

  • Dedicated Player who shows good involvement and contribution

  • Looking to lead consistently and play roles in specialist teams e.g.

    • Vehicle commander/gunner

    • Helicopter pilot

    • MMG/MAT/HAT leader and gunner

    • FTL and SL

  • May be involved in outside of game commitments e.g.

    • Recruitment (responding to applications/ FAQ’s)

    • Scripting/mod support

    • Group Liaison

    • Missions maintenance/development

Corporal (CPL)

  • Dedicated player who shows heavy involvement & contribution

  • Looking to Lead more than follow e.g.


  • Are involved in & out of game with commitments e.g.

    • Leadership training + specialist training

    • Recruitment

    • Scripting/mod support

    • Group Liaison

    • Public server admin/missions host

    • TS3 Admin

    • Forums Admin

    • Missions maintenance/development

Non Commissioned Officer (NCO)

  • Administrators

  • Members who lead both in & out of game

  • Take higher out of game responsibilities.

  • Decisions on community development